Our GP Kanjun Qiu was mentioned in Fortune's "How investors should prioritize diverse investments in AI". The article discussed how how fostering diversity in AI investments can play a pivotal role in reducing biases present in the data utilized by AI systems. Other investors and industry leaders interviewed are Sara Choi of Wing Venture Capital, Joy Marcus of The 98, Tali AI founder and CEO Mahshid Yassaei, and Canoa COO Ellie Cunningham.

Here's Kanjun's thoughts on the subject:

“Technology that we build reflects the values of its creators. There’s a much more human way to think about building out this technology, in a way that’s empowering to people.”
"I have seen a positive shift in the tone of my conversations with investors...there's greater cultural awareness of diversity, which has resulted in discussions that flow more naturally today. Underrepresented founders may face some challenges in how they pitch, at times not asserting the largeness of their goals forcefully enough. That may be culture, based on my own experience as a young woman who felt I had to prove herself more before asking for millions of dollars. And investors will ding people for that, they’ll say, ‘Okay, this isn’t big enough.’”

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