When it comes to fundraising, far too many founders are forced to reinvent the wheel — searching endlessly on Google and Crunchbase to find VCs that might be a fit, or asking their friends for intros to funds they know.

Often, these founders end up losing days or weeks getting intros to funds that turn out to not even invest in their stage or sector, and miss out on the VCs that could actually be the best fit.

It doesn't have to be this way. That's why we've built VC Sheet, a new platform to help early-stage founders identify the VCs that are the right fit for them.

VC Sheet provides both curated lists and a search-able database that:

  • Filters funds by stage, sector, geography, and check size
  • Dives deep into investor profiles with bios, YouTube videos, personal websites, and notable investments
  • Shares the best way to get in touch with each fund, including email addresses and whether investors have open DMs

Some of our most popular curated lists include:

Already, VC Sheet was featured in TechCrunch, and as the #2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt!

If you are an early-stage founder starting to plan your raise, start with VC Sheet.

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